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In this guide, we'll discover how to make use of generators to reuse blocks in multiple places.

Why use a generator

A generator allows to re-use blocks. Here's an example that doesn't make use of generators:

Example with repeated blocks

As you see, the list of names are the same and are repeated twice. Instead of repeating them, we can use a generator to only use one list.

Adding a generator

Using the example above, we'll remove one of the list and detach the other so we can reuse it as a generator:


Next, we connect the 2 empty boxes using "connect to generator":

Connect the generator

Any block can become a generator. Any other block can use a block as a generator. When a block is connected to a generator, that block will produce the text of the generator block it's connected to.

In practice it allows to re-use lists multiple times in a sentence or large text.

Generators made of multiple blocks

A generator can be made of multiple blocks.

Example with multiple blocks

This example will produce sentences like:

  • A nice potato next to a small banana
  • A nice orange next to a stinky banana
  • A small banana next to a stinky potato