Help & Documentation

In this guide we will present the interface and create a simple text generator.

The interface

To start, go to the editor. You don't need an account to create a generator, but you'll need one to save it.

The interface is made of 2 parts: the generator (on the left) and the generator results (on the right).

Screenshot of the interface

A generator always starts with the starting block (the round block). This block doesn't produce any text, it's simply where the text starts.

The generator is presented as a graph, elements connected between them by links. In Automotron, the elements are called blocks and links are called cables.

Blocks and cables

To create a block, hover the mouse over the right-side arrow of another block, click and drag to the right. Once you release the mouse, a block is created and connected to the previous one.

Animation showing creation of a block

Blocks can be setup on the grid as you wish, move them around by dragging them.

You can navigate in the grid using the mouse, simply drag and drop the grid. To zoom, use the scroll wheel.

To delete a block, right click on it and select "Delete"

Adding text

We're going to create a generator that will produce the following sentences:

Brian is in the kitchen

Nancy is in the garden

Let's start with the first version: add a block after the starting block.

To add text to a block, double-click it. Enter the text, then click outside the text area.

Add text to a block

Then, add 2 other blocks like so:

Add text to a block

You can now click the "Run" button on the top-right. So far, our generator can only produce the sentence "Brian is in the kitchen".

Adding variations

This sentence won't always be the same (or it wouldn't be a text generator), it will vary to produce things like

  • Brian is in the ktchen
  • Nancy is in the kitchen
  • Brian is in the garden
  • Nancy is in the garden

To do this, we need to add variations to the blocks "Brian" and "the kitchen":

Double-click on the "Brian" block and hit [Enter] to add a new line. Add the word "Nancy".

Add a variation

Our generator can now produce 2 sentences:

  • Brian is in the ktchen
  • Nancy is in the kitchen

Let's also add a variation to the block "the kitchen":

Two variations

Our generator can now produce 4 sentences:

  • Brian is in the ktchen
  • Nancy is in the kitchen
  • Brian is in the garden
  • Nancy is in the garden

To go further

In this example, we only used the most basic features of Automotron, but you can go further:

  • Generators To create more complex sentences, you'll often need to reuse parts in multiple places. Instead of repeating blocks, you can make use of "generators".
  • Agreement Some words need to change in order to fit in the sentence properly, for instance to add plural or gender - Automotron allows to create sentences with the proper agreements.